Jeeperman TJ/YJ/CJ Swing-Away Tire Carrier

Jeeperman Swing-Away Tire Carrier for 76-86 CJ - JSPC
Jeeperman Swing-Away Tire Carrier for 87-95 YJ - JSPY
Jeeperman Swing-Away Tire Carrier for 96-06 TJ/LJ - JSPT

Bumper features:

Made of 2" x 4", 3/16" thick high quality steel for maximum strength - Fully boxed unit with no open face back like weaker designs.

CNC machined crossmember bracket for departure and hitch height adjustment. Also accomodates rigs with body lifts or not. Also adds additional strength to the factory cross member.

Fully recessed 2" receiver with lock pin holes located behind the bumper. Some hitches may need trimming and/or new hole for pin drilled. Weakest point on this system has been tested and rated to 40,000 lbs. While we cannot rate your Jeep to pull that much, (2,000 lbs. for Wrangler and 3,500 lbs. for Unlimited) you can be assured that the bumper will far exceed the Jeep's capacity tow ratings.

Laser cut dual (hidden on the backside) safety chain points. Receiver and chain points can be reversed to the front for no extra charge as a custom option.

Radiused 3/4" thick D Ring shackle mount tabs welded to the front, then through the depth of the bumper and then welded again to the backside. We intentionally leave them visible, so YOU know that it's triple welded for maximum strength.

Tire carrier features:

Easy to use anodized dual 1/4" striker system (TM) with safety position Self-latching mechanism with adjustable striker; just like the one Jeep uses on the tailgate but 300% stronger.(TM)

2.75" DOM tube machined hinge (TM) assembly rides on (2) 1.25" tapered Timken roller bearings sealed for a smooth as glass operation, we have found none smoother. Also has easy to access, and hidden, zerk fitting for continued maintenance. A billet disc tops the hing seal with a flush stainless steel plated allen head bolt and gives a ultra high tech and professional look unmatched by other systems.

Horizontal, rattle free with three points of adjustment and dual adjustable isolation points. A third is used from the factory tailgate bushing.

Built in lock provision to keep your Hi-Lift jack safe.

Adjustable tailgate spacers and the OEM rubber stops relocate to prevent accidental contact of spare tire into Jeep body

Spring loaded auto-locking stainless steel shaft system with triple grooved billet release handle to stop the bumper from swinging too far open or falling back on you when parked on hills. The open position clears the open lift glass even with all Jeeperman accessories. Some other brands won't allow you to open the lift glass without hitting their tire carrier!

Holds up to a 40" (Up to some 37” tires if running gas/CO2 carriers) tire with ease and one ton wheel pattern configuration is now provided. Built in multiple wheel patterns included on the carrier (4.5x5, 5x5.5, 6x5.5 AND 8x6.5).

Available options include over the tire Heavy Duty Rack , Ultra bright LED brake light, and Water or Fuel (NATO or Jerry style) Can carriers sold separately and can be installed at a later date.

Can be orderd independently, please call us to arrange this option.

All Jeeperman products ship bare steel, ready for your choice of coating and surface prep.


- Price: $879.96


We are proud to offer a new idea in adventure gear for your vehicle. Our product goals are:
DURABILITY - built to withstand the elements and the rigors of the trail.
CONVENIENCE - easy to install and remove, and lightweight.
STYLING - Not only are they tough; they look great and install easily.
QUALITY - built for the demands of our customers and ourselves, using only the finest caliber components.

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